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Rainy Season Response in Chad

Preventing future malaria emergencies through communications and outreach

Story by Malaria No More July 31st, 2014

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During last year’s rainy season (June - September), Chad experienced unprecedented levels of rain, flooding villages across the country, leading to epidemic levels of malaria. The cases soared to one million, compared to only 600,000 in the past.

This spike resulted in 2,614 deaths in 2013.

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As the communications partner for the Government of Chad’s first-ever universal net distribution, MNM is helping to ensure 13 million Chadians are protected by mosquito nets.

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These nets are reaching all corners of the country through whatever means necessary…

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…to ensure that going into this rainy season, Chadians are prepared and protected.

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This year, Malaria No More, with the support of the ExxonMobil Foundation, is determined to prevent another malaria emergency. Along with the net distribution, we are using our Chadian “Stop Palu (French for Stop Malaria)” brand to scale up awareness about the threat of malaria during this rainy season and the importance of prevention and timely treatment-seeking.


Last week, the MNM Chad Team along with nine of our Goodwill Ambassadors took to the streets and radio waves of N’Djamena to launch the new MNM Chad “Stop Palu Malaria Anthem”.

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Our Goodwill Ambassadors, some of the most talented musicians in Chad, wrote and produced this powerful anthem to provide an innovative vehicle to deliver key malaria prevention and control messages to all Chadians.

To launch the anthem, caravans traveled through the city, blasting the anthem through the streets and stopping at main intersections to discuss the importance of protection and early detection of malaria through the use of mosquito nets and rapid diagnostics tests (RDTs). A few lucky quiz-winners even took home copies of the song!

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Through this strong media push during the rainy season, coupled with the government’s universal net distribution, MNM hopes to drastically reduce the number of deaths and increase awareness and protection through mass communications efforts so that the 2013 rainy season epidemic will never be repeated.

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